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Blacksmith desires to publish unique, useful, and factual informational products that aren’t available anywhere else. Though all are welcome and encouraged to enjoy the  products – they aren’t for the effeminate or lisping. Blacksmith provides counterandrogynist products that sharpen the minds of men and strengthen families. Blacksmith serves the needs of rugged individuals; blue collar, middle-class Americans that don’t have time to sit around and whine about why the world isn’t a Utopian Paradise. Blacksmith celebrates and serves the traditions and culture that always has and continues to make America great!


Blacksmith came into existence in 2013 when Mike Blackburn joined Paul LeFavor as a partner in a book-publishing venture. The name and logo are emblematic of the mission and purpose of the company. The word “blacksmith” means, “One that forges and sharpens iron with an anvil and hammer.” Look closely at the base of the anvil that comprises the logo, Proverbs 27:17 is seen permanently etched into the metal. The Proverb states, “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens his fellow.”

The partners are convinced that political correctness is universally incorrect and that the secular humanist movement has had a net negative impact on younger generations and the country as a whole. One needs merely to observe what is going on in their own community to conclude that many today are poorly educated in failing, government-controlled public schools and universities. The youth today appear confused about what is “right” and “wrong” and obviously lack purpose and meaning in their own lives.

As Special Forces veterans, the partners are classic individualists, skeptical of government and bureaucracies of all sorts and fierce defenders of the Constitution. After all, both took oaths to uphold and defend the People’s Contract with our government. Like most of their readers, they prefer to be left alone to pursue their livelihoods and their lives without undue restrictions or interference, and know the sole purpose of man is to walk in a familial relationship with God, not to serve government and its endless bureaucracies.

Their first book, US Army Small Unit Tactics Handbook, has sold over 10,000 copies and is on its way to becoming a nationally recognized best seller. Both men are graduates of the Special Forces Qualification Course and veterans of various Special Operations units. The handbook was long overdue. Every operator is expected to be a subject matter expert on all the topics covered in Blacksmith’s first book. This book is destined to become required reading for serious students of small unit tactics and ought to be included in the personal libraries of anyone involved in light infantry and special operations. This work set the tone for Blacksmith’s future; it would print specialized books that cannot be duplicated or found elsewhere.


Blacksmith has, and will continue to branch out to topics the partners feel are right for the times. Their second book, Iron Sharpening Iron, became available in 2014 and serves as the “cornerstone” for the company. Every year, Blacksmith adds titles as the interests and needs of American families dictate, and the demands of our Armed Forces and First Responders change. Blacksmith’s titles will meet those needs and provide meaningful products that can’t be found anywhere else.


Blacksmith insists on quick, efficient customer service, fair prices, and an unconditional guarantee on every product. If for any reason a customer is dissatisfied with a product, Blacksmith will refund his money, no questions asked. To make sure these promises are met, Blacksmith will remain small and focused. The staff is a close-knit family activity dedicated to excellence; desiring to become progenitors of purpose-driven publishing.

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