Finding your Niche – Advice for Authors

Young writer searching inspiration, with an old typewriter.

To current and future authors out there: Here’s a few things (for whatever they’re worth) to consider before writing your book:

1- Write about something that hasn’t been written about previously. There’s a topic out there that you can provide information about that hasn’t already been thoroughly covered by other authors. Let’s say you want to write a book about “losing weight” for instance. If you decide to proceed with that topic, you’ll be competing with hundreds of thousands of other books on the same subject. If you decide to go ahead and write about a topic like “weight loss”, make sure you have something unique, a niche; something special that hasn’t been covered previously, and market your book that way.

2- Keep it pithy. Most readers aren’t interested in 500+ page books. Younger readers like their information quick, and don’t like spending a lot of time on anything, especially an intimidating looking novel. Around 200 pages is a good target to start off with when writing your book. The larger it gets, the less interest readers will have in your book. Remember, a reader is buying a book as an investment of their time. Give them what they want!

3- Be willing to “grip and grin.” As the author, you are the best advertiser for your book! Be willing to do book signings and discuss your book with others. Readers love talking to authors and having their books signed. Nobody knows more about your book than you do, and feedback from readers in invaluable.

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