New Generation Buying Books


A Publisher’s Association report earlier this month found physical book sales have enjoyed its first growth in four years, while ebook sales seem to have stalled.

According to Sion Hamilton with Foyles bookshop, “the bookshop is back,” adding, “I have to say, at some point book selling did feel a little bit like healthy eating. You know you should do it but fast food was convenient and quick. But I think people are returning to a healthier diet and they are indeed returning to bookshops.”

Personally, I think this is great news but would never have guessed it possible in today’s digitalized world. Evidently, according to an article by Hannah Furness, young folks comprising generation Z are expressing themselves with physical items such as ‘real’ books and vinyl records sitting on shelves rather than digital products and URLs.

Maybe I’m a little old fashioned, but I still enjoy a good hardback book over reading something on my Kindle. I also cherish the home bookshelf with my collection of ‘real’ books, and it appears the younger generation has discovered the same passion. Enjoy!

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