Rise of the Independence Movement! (24 June 2016)


Well, it keeps happening: People choosing independence. Britons have decided they prefer to run their own affairs rather than have un-elected bureaucrats from Brussels telling them what they can and can not do.

In simplest terms, there have always been two groups of folks. The first group, Group A is comprised of strong, independent minded, adventurous folks that just want to have as much freedom as possible to pursue their dreams. The second group, Group B is comprised of everyone else; those too weak to compete, those who prefer the benefits of enslavement and believe in entitlement, and ignorant trendies who do as they’re told.

Politicians gain power and wealth by convincing Group B they can’t survive without a strong centralized government capable of stealing resources from Group A to redistribute to Group B. Needless to say, Group A doesn’t need anything from Group B in order to thrive, but prefers to peacefully coexist with Group B for mutual benefit.

The big questions are: Is this nationalist trend global?  Does Group A have enough votes to defeat Group B and offset the inevitable voter fraud? If the answer to these two questions are ‘yes’, then Trump will most likely be the 45th President of the United States of America.


Katty Kay with BBC World News provides five reasons why the Brexit vote signals a Trump victory this coming November:

  1. 1. An angry electorate
  2. 2. Rejection of globalization
  3. 3. Irritation of immigration
  4. 4. Loss of national pride
  5. 5. Simplicity of populism


Trump’s sense of place and time must be acknowledged and admired. Obama and Clinton strongly supported Cameron and Britain remaining within the EU. Trump was in Scotland during the vote and supported Britain’s departure from the EU. Trump wins again!

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