Taking the First Step Off the Plantation (9 February 2017)

Kiarre Harris might not fully realize it yet, but she may have just had an epiphany. What if the Buffalo Public Schools were not working in her children’s best interest? What if the culture and values being taught within the government school system weren’t hers? What if she taught her own children like she sees so many successful white families doing? Those kids seem to be doing alright.

Normally this would not be a problem. There isn’t anything unusual about a family pulling their children out of the failing public school system and electing to homeschool, unless of course, you happen to be a single black woman living in the inner city. What was she thinking?

Homeschooling is the fastest growing form of education in the country. But the vast majority of homeschool families are white. After all, if minorities start opting out of public school as well, who is going to be left to feed the huge government jobs program called public education? And this is where Child Protective Services (CPS) usually comes in, as in the case with Kiarre Harris and her children.

Generally speaking, public education was, and still is specifically designed for working class Americans that obviously cannot afford a good liberal arts education. Any parent that truly understands what actually occurs in a public school and has the means, does not send their children to public school in this country. Don’t believe it? Just look at your own community and the facts are in plain sight. If you add up all of the private schools, parochial schools and home schools and put all those kids in one group, and then put all of the public school children in the other group, the differences between the groups are striking.

Ms. Harris considered the facts and then selected the other group for her children as the best way for them to succeed in life. She now realizes that the system isn’t going to make it easy for her to leave the plantation. Buffalo authorities have arrested her and CPS has taken her children. Of course, the children are back in public school where “they belong.” And, unfortunately, Ms. Harris got a taste of what happens when a poor, single black woman decides to leave the public school system without the blessings from her government masters.

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