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Here at Blacksmith, we’re all about addressing issues we think might be of interest to our readers and providing a little humor. We won’t limit ourselves to just a few topics. If we find something interesting or funny, we’ll try to post it. In the end, each man decides for himself whether or not the information is beneficial and what they do with it.

As you explore our Blog, you’ll notice Blacksmith is NOT politically correct; we don’t engage in corporate sissy-ism pandering to ignorant trendies in hopes of earning a buck. If you’re easily offended, we suggest losing the boy bun and growing thick skin before attempting to hang out with men. At Blacksmith, we have no problem calling “nonsense” when we see it. Our comments cover a wide range of topics to include; culture, education, faith, family, finance, news, nutrition, technology, the military, and yeah, we’ll poke fun at the political class as often as possible. Of course, we’ll cover reading and writing books as well, since that is our passion. Feel free to leave comments located at the bottom of each post, and most of all, lighten up, have a healthy sense of humor and just enjoy the Blog. We don’t take ourselves that seriously.


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