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Blacksmith supports and defends freedom of speech and enjoys debating issues that are of interest to our readers. As you explore our Blog, you’ll notice Blacksmith is NOT whacky, alternative, crazy, extreme left or right. We are NOT captive to any particular ideology, but rather enjoy utilizing our God given ability to think while considering ALL viewpoints. We believe in civil discourse and advocate for a constant, steady flow of ideas. Blacksmith is NOT politically correct; we refuse to engage in corporate sissy-ism in hopes of earning a buck.

Our comments aren’t restricted to a single subject and may cover a wide range of topics to include; culture, education, faith, family, finance, news, nutrition, technology, the military, and yeah, we might even poke fun at politicians and the D.C. establishment as well. Of course, we’ll cover reading and writing books, since that is our primary passion. Feel free to leave comments located at the bottom of each post, and most of all, lighten up, have a healthy sense of humor and just enjoy the Blog. We don’t take ourselves that seriously and neither should you; don’t let yourself get triggered.


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