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Do you plan on writing a book that will be of interest to others? Have you already written a book? Are you looking for a publisher that shares your values and interests? Have you searched out and submitted your manuscript to other publishing companies only to be turned away? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, Blacksmith Publishing could be your answer.


Blacksmith Publishing, is a faith-based, disabled veteran, family-owned, independent publishing company with a mission to discover and market unknown authors with unique perspectives.

We’re small, focused and passionate about what we do. We’ve written and marketed successful books and know the entire process from start to finish, and what it will take to make your book a success. We are selective of authors and topics we accept to bring into the family, but if you feel Blacksmith is right for you, please contact us and find out how we can make your dream of authorship come true.

As a Blacksmith author, you’ll own your copyright and actually make money on your book. We have established relationships with AAFES, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, local and national retailers, as well as available to international markets. Our philosophy is simple; it’s your book, not ours, and therefore you should share equally in the proceeds.


Every one of our authors is involved in the production process of their book. We want your input and feedback on things like the cover design and the editing process, and you’ll have direct access to us as we work hard to make your book a reality.

Our marketing strategy strives to give our authors’ books the attention they deserve. We work hard and partner with every author to set up book signing events, media coverage and book reviews.

Besides releasing your book as a traditional hard cover or paper book, we can also release it in other formats such as audio and eBook. We give your book the best chance for success by releasing it in a variety of formats that make the most sense.

Blacksmith Publishing is not a vanity press. We won’t take on every project or subject that is submitted. We are interested in the potential of our authors. With our limited resources and the amount of energy Blacksmith Publishing pours into each project, we have to be selective with the works we choose. We want your book to be a success!


Are you ready to get started? The next step is to contact us. Join the Blacksmith family today and make your dream a reality!

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